Thursday, January 24, 2008

Camilla in DC

My friend Camilla came to visit us this past weekend at we did a round of things in DC on Saturday before we came back to Charlottesville. Camilla loved DC but kept commenting on how much there is to be learned in that city -- and she's right, there's something on every corner that makes a person feel like your history teacher in high school must have left out a few chapters. We were walking in the cold across Raoul Wallenburg avenue, laughing about how no one knows who Raoul Wallenburg is, only to find out later in the Holocaust Museum that he protected thousands of Jews from certain death during World War Two. Awesome.

It was really fun, though, to have Camilla here -- she made us laugh harder than we have in a while and is a dear, dear friend.

Here's all three of us at the Washington Monument, and then the picture to the right is Camilla's favorite spot, where MLK, Jr, gave his famous speech and where, of course, Forrest and Jenny were reunited.

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