Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"It's's Beard-fa-say, d*%n it!"

A few weeks ago, I got to go home for a long weekend of much-needed family and friend time. When I get to Memphis, my usual first, middle, and last stop is my best friend Grace's home, where her two (now three!) kids are always ready with something brilliantly hilarious to do or say. Bill Cosby was right. Kids say (and do) the darndest things.

This last visit was especially sweet as Addie and Caroline were preparing for the arrival of their newest sibling, and were doing so with characteristically Addie and Caroline flair. But that's another post. When not busy darting in and out of the new baby's room, Addie, 3, had been cultivating and refining her attentions to beards.

That's right. Beards.

Not necessarily beards-already-on-people, per say. This is no "Let me see what that scraggled-y hair is on your face, sir" sort of research initiative. This appeared to be more of an evangelistic effort, based in her creative energies that surfaced most proudly as she carefully ripped and colored beard-ish shaped pieces of papers and handed them out, inviting the recipient to the "Beard Show" (which sounded like the "Beer Show" until her mom clarified by saying "we're not talking hops here."). What's more, Addie's beard distribution transcended both age and gender. Beards for all humankind.
Caroline? She's 5? Give her a beard.
Mommy? No beards for girls? No way -- one for her, as well.
Alex? Has his own beard? He's never had one of mine -- take this back to Charlottesville.

This post is for Addie. There's a world of bearded culture out there, apparently. Here are some pictures and a growing guide.

Here's a beard or two:


And of course, a style guide (Addie's beards are available in a few of these variations):

And finally, a picture of us modeling our very own beards, for the Beard Show:

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