Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember, remember to VOTE in November

It's finally here. Alex and I phoned folks from the Obama headquarters here in Cville. He got hung up on, I got a few heated comments. We mispronounced names. It was all worth it, though. In the room with us were several kids, under the age of 10, on the phones calling, gesturing wildly and chatting up whoever was on the other line, talking about gas prices and tax policies. It wasn't hard to remind ourselves that in less than 48 hours, this country could be a totally different place.

I was also doing it for the primary purpose of getting this poster I'd been eyeing in the headquarters window for some time. Finally, one of the women there struck a deal with me, saying that if i gave some time on the phone, she'd give me the poster.

They ran out of yard signs a while back, so we made do.

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