Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ira and Cake

This past weekend, the Alex and I were treated to Ira Glass live -- in person -- at the Paramount Theater here in Charlottesville. It couldn't have been been sweeter. Dear Ira drew on various episodes of This American Life, expertly weaving clips (and looking a bit like a my quirky cartoonish high school physics teacher while he listened -- he doesn't lack in animation) into a lovely explication of the delightful art of storytelling.

The Friday before marked the one year anniversary of my rogue small group, the Flat Stanleys. They baked me a cake, funfetti. Thinking myself clever-er than they, i brought over the Flatties from my birthday bash (see below photo) to decorate it.

We then decorated the cake...

and we posed for a picture.

later that afternoon, i went for the best piece. and i found, they had, in fact, outdone me. Baked into the cake were flat people.
Arin, Missy, Stacey, and hat is off to you. This blog is for you. I love you and am totally in awe of you. You are brilliant.

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Missy said...

Ash. This is better 3 years later. Brilliance.